Shelley Williams

Award-winning film and TV director and producer Shelley Williams

collaborates with artists, philosophers, ecologists, dancers, writers and neuroscientists to create entertaining & inspiring work for cinema, TV, exhibition & performance.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant & have forgotten the gift”. Albert Einstein.

Current Projects

Interview with Caroline lucas MP

Interview with Franny Armstrong

Interview with Dr Jane Goodall

Interview with Polly Higgins

Interview with Vandana Shiva

Interview with Satish Kumar


Her work in fiction and documentary seeks out the space 'in-between' to give visual form to a more balanced view of the world, one that engages both left and right hemispheres. The audience is invited to go beyond the rational mind and connect directly with the reservoir of intuition, myth, innate wisdom and spirit.

With a keen ability to tell stories that tap into universal truths, she visualizes that which often isn't seen, said or consciously understood. This passion for creating beyond the boundaries together with visual flair combine to realize work of high imagination.

She seeks to inspire and empower an audience to embrace a transformative, shamanic vision of the human and non-human aspects of the world, synthesizing the elements of matter and spirit, art and science, mind and body. She most definitely honours the gift as well as the servant.

Latest News

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No Destination

An 'Archive on 4' (R4) for January 2014

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Avenue of Champions

Fragments of Time at Salisbury Cathedral

Shelley's film 'FRAGMENTS OF TIME' which screened at Salisbury Cathedral over the summer to over 90,000 visitors as part of Ben Dearnley's 'Avenue of Champions' exhibition, is now accompanying that exhibition to a new venue, Hart Leisure Centre, Fleet, Hampshire where it will play for 8 weeks until November 16. Go visit!

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Festival of Stone Carve Off

See the Bristol Festival of Stone Interactive Showcase HERE


Wildwood Soundtrack

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Listen below to a track from Wildwood by composer and sound designer Annabelle Pangborn, Head of Editing, Sound and Music at the National Film and Television School.

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You are Therefore I am: A Declaration of Dependence The master and the emissary by Ian McGilchrist Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology

You are Therefore I am: A Declaration of Dependence
   by Satish Kumar

The Master & His Emissary
   by Iain McGilchrist

Becoming Animal
   by David Abram

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